Thursday, July 5, 2018

4 Reasons To Take Your Kids Fishing

Fishing is one of my family's favorite activities. We go several times a week when the weather is decent. We don't always catch anything but we always have fun. That's one of the best things about fishing, it's not all about catching fish, and it's always an adventure.

In this post I will share 4 reasons to take your kids fishing.


Quality Time:

Fishing is a great activity for the whole family. Both my girls have been fishing since they were toddlers. It's been a really great way for us to spend more time together as a family.

Time goes by fast and our kids will only be little once, enjoy it!

Teach Them A Life Skill:

Fishing is an awesome skill to have. It's a way to provide food for your family that is totally self sufficient. It's also a great way to teach your kids to tie some basic knots and how to handle knives safely.

Practice Being Patient:

Patience is one of those virtues that is tough for a lot of kids. Fishing is a great way to practice being patient. Fishing is a slow activity that doesn't always yield results right away (or at all).

Enjoy Nature:

Enjoying nature is probably my favorite part of fishing. I just love being surrounded by our planet's natural beauty. I find it relaxing and theraputic.

It's also a great opportunity to interact with and teach your children about the natural world around them. We've seen so much neat wildlife and natural features on our fishing trips. We've found goose eggs, wild growing herbs, fish eggs, and salamaders. We've seen and identified tons of local bird species, picked wild blackberries, watched cicaida's molt, and so much more.

Our fishing trips are always an adventure!

Does your family enjoy fishing? What are your favorite family activities?

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  1. Fishing is such a great way to connect! I always went fishing with my grandfather, it was possibly the best memories I have growing up.

    1. I have really wonderful memories of fishing with my grandpa too :-)

  2. We don't go fishing, but we camp alot so I definitley agree that these activites are really amazing ways to spend quality family time together. My kids have been begging to go fishing...they even have their own rods...I think you've convinced me to give it a try :)

    1. Camping is another favorite family activity of ours. Hoping to get a couple short camping trips planned before the season is over.


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