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The Phases Of The Moon: Activities and Resources

If you pay attention to the moon you've probably noticed that it doesn't look the same from night to night. The moon goes through a monthly cycle, starting with a new moon, and appearing to slowly grow in size to a full moon, and then shrink back down to a new moon. The moon doesn't actually grow and shrink though, and the moon doesn't actually emit light either. The moon reflects the sun's light and appears to grow and shrink based on what part of the moon is facing the Earth at a given point in time. Here are some fun activities and resources for learning more about the phases of the moon and how it all works:

Resources For Learning About The Phases Of The Moon:


YouTube has lots of great videos for kids about the phases of the moon. Here are a couple of our favorites:

-Why Does The Moon Change from SciShow Kids

-Phases Of The Moon: Astronomy And Space For Kids from FreeSchool


Here are a few websites with good information about the moon's phases for k…

Homeschooling On The Go

We all have days that are busy and full of errands and appointments, but that doesn't have to get in the way of your kids' lessons. Learning can happen anywhere, even on days when there are lots of errands to run or appointments to get to. In this post I share lots of ways our family takes our learning on the go.


Grocery Store Math- The grocery store is a great place to practice math skills. Teach your kids to weigh produce and have them help you calculate the price of various produce items. Have them read and compare prices. Ask which brand is cheapest, which is most expensive. 

Mileage Calculations- Teach your kids to read your vehicle's odometer and to understand prices at the gas station. Record your starting and ending odometer reading for the day, and have your kids calculate how many miles you drove and how much you spent on gasoline for the day's errands.

Counting Cars- For preschool aged kids, assign a color and have them count how many cars of that color th…

Heart Fish Valentine's Day Craft

Valentine's Day is one of our favorite holidays. There's tons of great crafts to do and we always do some sort of fun baking project too. My daughter's favorite Valentine's Day craft every year is making construction paper heart animals.  We've made a lot of different heart animals over the years, but I think these heart fish are by far my favorite, and they're pretty simple to make.

Heart Fish Valentine's Day Craft:

For this craft you will need:

-2 pieces of different colored construction paper

-A pen


-A glue stick or school glue

-Markers or glitter pens

-Craft eyes (optional)

Start by folding one piece of paper in half and cutting two medium sized hearts out of it.

Trace one of the hearts onto the other piece of construction paper and draw a long cone coming off one side, like in the pictures below:

Then cut it out:

Glue one of the medium sized hearts on one side as your fish face and the other medium sized heart on the other side as your fish's tail.  …