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The Benefits Of Student Led Learning

Most modern classrooms are teacher and state standard led, meaning that the teacher and the state decide what and how the students learn. One of my favorite things about homeschooling is that we're free to change things up a bit and let our children have more say in what and how they learn. This is often called student led learning and there are many benefits that come along with it.

Higher Student Interest And Cooperation 

When children get to be involved in deciding what they learn about and how they do it, they become much more willing participants. Nobody enjoys being bossed around and told how and what to think, and kids are no exception to this. A lack of control over one's life creates frustration and often leads to children resenting school. 

Children who get to play an active roll in their education are often eager to learn because they are truly interested in the topics they are studying. Everyone retains information better when it's something they'er interested…

5 Reasons To Read Aloud To Your Kids Even After They Become Proficient Readers

My kids love our daily family read aloud time. They have really come to enjoy this nice quiet family activity we do together and I really enjoy it too!  I know most parents read aloud to their kids when they are young, but read aloud time doesn't have to stop after your kids learn to read for themselves. Here are several reasons to continue reading to your kids aloud, even after they become proficient readers themselves.

Quality Time

Reading aloud to you kids is a great family activity and an awesome way to squeeze in a little extra quality time together. Like I mentioned before, it's one of my kid's favorite times of our day. They often beg me to read to them more even after we've already done our daily read together. I love having such calm quiet time with my kids, especially since so much of our days end up being busy and kind of crazy. 

Introduce Them To A Wide Variety Of Literature 

Reading aloud to your kids can be an awesome opportunity to introduce them to literatu…

Why It's Healthy To Let Your Kids Be Bored Sometimes

It seems like kids today are busier than ever. Most children spend 6 or more hours a day at school, and then there's dance and soccer and piano lessons. While school and recreational activities are definitely important, is it really beneficial to keep our kids so busy that they rarely have down time? I personally believe that being bored occasionally is healthy, and here's why:

Boosts Creativity 

Unstructured time gives children the opportunity to explore their own interests and forces them to think outside the box. 

Studies have shown that the human mind is more creative when we're bored. When we have nothing to occupy us, our minds tend to wander and daydream. 

I am constantly impressed with the creative things my kids come up with during unstructured time. My oldest loves to design and sew. One of her favorite downtime activities is designing and making clothes for her dolls. My kids also love building forts. Sometimes in the house with sheets and chairs and sometimes outsi…

Living In Paradise: Life Before The Camp Fire

So much has been shared in the media lately about the wildfire that all but destroyed Paradise and it's surrounding communities. Everyone has seen pictures of the apocalyptic like destruction. That's not how I want the world to see Paradise.  I want people to see it as I will always remember it, and for the way it will be again. 

Paradise was a quiet little community nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, surrounded by canyons and beautiful evergreens. It was home to about 26,000 of the hardest working and most resilient folks you will ever meet. It was also home to an amazing array of wildlife including mule deer, grey squirrels, raccoons, foxes, California black bears, bobcats, mountain lions, many species of birds, and much more. It was a beautiful place to grow up.

The area was originally inhabited by the Maidu and then settled by gold miners during the California gold rush. The largest true gold nugget ever found in California (and possibly on the Nor…

Edible Division Activity

My daughter is definitely a kinesthetic learner so I am constantly searching for and trying to come up with hands on learning activities for her. Math is probably the hardest subject to do this with. I seems like most math resources out there are worksheets and flash cards. We recently started working on division facts, and while I felt like she had a good grasp on multiplication, division seemed to be confusing for her. I needed a hands on way for her to learn the concept of division, so I came up with this simple hands on activity for her.

Edible Division Activity 

This activity is simple and only requires a few things to make it work. You will need:
-A few pieces of paper
-A pencil 
-Some sort of small snack food (goldfish crackers, raisins, peanuts, cheerios, and M&M's all work well)

Start by drawing several large circles on a piece of paper. Then give your child a pre-counted number of whatever snack you are using. Ask your child to evenly divide the snack between the circles o…

Activities And Resources For Learning About Ancient Egypt

One of my favorite history topics is ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptians were such an interesting and artistic culture. I've always been amazed by their advanced architecture and beautiful art work. In this post I share some fun hands on activities and resources for learning about ancient Egypt.

Build A Pyramid 

The ancient Egyptian pyramids are always a fascinating topic to study. It's amazing that they were able to build such massive and perfect structures without modern construction tools and vehicles. Here are a few resources for learning about the pyramids:

-Ancient Egypt-The Pyramids from Ducksters

-Egyptian Pyramids from History For Kids

-Are We There Yet? Egypt-Pyramids from NatGeoKids

-Destination- Egypt, Pyramids from National Geographic 

After your child has learned about the pyramids, try building your own! We've done this project with Legos and with sugar cubes and glue.

Make Egyptian Pottery

The ancient Egyptians made some beautiful pottery. Spend some time looking a…