Thursday, June 28, 2018

A Homeschool Feather Study

Feathers are a fascinating topic to teach your kids about. They have a unique structure that helps make flight possible for birds. Their structure also helps keep birds warm in cold weather, cool in hot weather, and dry in the rain.

In this post I will share 4 activities for studying feathers and some online resources about feathers.


Make A Feather Collection:

Save different types of feathers you find in your yard, neighborhood, and while on nature hikes. Compare the different size, shapes, and colors of different feathers.

If your really ambitious, try identifying what type of bird they came from and what type of feather (flight, wing, body, or down). You can find more information about types of feathers here.

Sketch A Feather:

Have your child choose a feather and try sketching it. Add color if you want with colored pencils or pastels.

Look At A Feather Under A Microscope:

Some of the neatest parts of a feather are too small to be seen clearly with the naked eye. Try looking at a small piece of a feather under a microscope.

Have your child sketch what they see.

Label A Feather:

Choose a large feather and staple it to a piece of construction paper. Then label it's different parts.

For information about the parts of a feather, check out Anatomy: Parts of a feather from Outside My Window.

Online Resources About Feathers:

-YouTube Video:  Look Closely At Feathers from Nat Geo Kids

-Feather Facts from Kiddle

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  1. Great ideas! We love looking at things like that under our microscope. Pinned.

    1. Thanks! Playing with the microscope is always fun :-)

  2. I absolutely love the amazingness of feathers, and my kids love finding them. Great post. Would love for you to stop by and share this one on Littles Learning Link Up if you have a chance.

    1. Thanks! Feathers are so neat! Popped in and shared on your link up :-)

    2. Thanks for stopping by and linking up with Littles Learning Link Up. I pinned you post.

  3. This is fabulous I will definitely be doing this , thus weekend with my to children.

  4. I love this my kiddos love collecting things like rocks, pinecones, and feathers. Will have to try this!

    1. My kiddos love to collect things too, feathers are a favorite :-)

  5. We find a lot of feathers here with all the birds! Thanks for the fun idea so we can learn more!

  6. We find feathers all over our yard! this would be awesome to do with my daughter. Now just to find a good microscope..

  7. I so need to get a microscope for our homeschooling!! Seeing this was so cool and thanks for the great ideas :)


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