Monday, October 1, 2018

Avian Egg Investigation

Eggs are a really interesting subject to teach your kids about. An egg has to contain all the nutrients and material needed for a baby animal to form and grow inside. In this post I share several activities for learning about bird eggs!


Examine An Egg

Let your child handle and observe several eggs of different color and size. Talk about the differences and similarities.

Get out some rubber gloves and a bowl and let your child crack the egg open to examine the parts inside. Point out the white and the yolk.

Look Up Close

Get out a magnifying glass or microscope and look at a piece of an egg shell. You should be able to see tiny holes all over the egg shell. These holes are how the developing bird gets oxygen!

Check out this awesome video to learn more about eggs and gas exchange:

-How Baby Birds Get Oxygen Inside Their Eggs

Learn About The Parts Of An Egg And Draw A Diagram

Discuss the parts of an egg you saw during your investigation today and have your child sketch and label a diagram.

You can learn more about the parts of an egg here:

-Anatomy Of An Egg from The Accidental Scientist 

More Activities And Resources For Learning About Eggs

The Naked Egg Experiment from The Barefoot Mom- this is a super fun and simple experiment that allows you to examine an eggs inner membrane with the egg still intact!

The Bouncy Egg- a fun spin off the naked egg experiment. Learn how to make a raw egg bounce!

Parts Of An Egg -a video about the parts of an egg from The 4-H Netwok.

Baby Chick Hatching-watch a baby chick hatch from it's egg in this short video from Birdy Official.

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