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How To Build A Leprechaun Trap

One of my favorite traditions our family has is building a leprechaun trap each year for St. Patrick's Day. This is a tradition I originally started with my after school program kids way back before I had kids of my own. The kids and I always enjoyed it so much, I was excited to be able to continue this fun tradition with my own kids. We've tried a lot of different designs over the years. Some have worked out better than others. In this post I'll share step by step instructions for one of our all time favorite traps. 

How To Build A Leprechaun Trap:

For this project you will need:

-An empty oats container or an empty coffee can or another container of similar porportions.

-Several sheets of green construction paper



-Popsicle sticks

-Hot glue gun

-Black marker

-Something to use as leprechaun bait (shinny pennies or lucky charms ceral work well)

Craft supplies for building a leprechaun trap.

The trap we are making looks like a leprechaun's green top hat. First, trace the end of your container on a piece of green construction paper to make the top of your hat.

And trace another larger circle on another piece of green construction paper. This will become the brim of your leprechaun hat.

Cut out the green circles. 

Set the circles aside for a few minutes. Tape green construction paper around your oats or coffee container.

Next tape the larger circle on the bottom of your container to make the hat's brim.

Using the black marker, draw the black band above the hat's brim.

Now, set the hat aside. It's time to make the ladder. Using the hot glue gun and popsicle sticks, build a ladder for the leprechaun to climb to the top of your hat trap.

Now your trap is ready to assemble. Place the small green construction paper circle carefully on the top (open end) of your hat. It should just barely sit over the edge of the container. Carefully set some leprechaun bait on top. Lean the ladder against the side, and that's it, your trap is finished. If a leprechaun climbs up on top to grab the bait, he should fall into the container. If your lucky maybe he'll leave you a gold or chocolate coin!

Leprechaun Trap

To increase your chances of catching a leprechaun, you may want to decorate around your trap a little (or a lot). Leprechauns love all things St. Patrick's Day. Shamrocks, rainbows, anything green, or anything gold or shiny all work nicely. 

As I mentioned earlier, this is only one way to build a leprechaun trap. There are lots of other ways to do it. We've tried lots of different designs. Be creative and search the web for inspiration. Below I'll share pictures of a few of our other traps.

Other Leprechaun Trap Ideas:

Leprechaun trap

This was another of my favorites, a little more complicated construction wise though. The little pot of gold is sitting on top of a string that is holding a colander disguised as a cloud above the pot. The idea here is when the leprechaun grabs the pot of gold the colander will fall and trap him. (Kind of like in the game Mouse Trap)

This was my daughter's trap she made last year and the first trap she designed and built entirely on her own. There is a hole cut in the top of the box and covered with construction paper for the leprechaun to fall through.

This is probably the most simple design there is. It's just a box held up with a stick. Place some bait inside and hopefully a leprechaun will knock over the stick and get trapped inside the box.

St. Patrick's Day will be here soon so gather up some supplies and get creative!

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