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Learning About the Countries of the World- Crafts, Activities, Recipes, and Links to Resources

This year we're studying world geography by choosing a few countries from each region of the world to study in depth. For each country, we're learning about the general geography, trying a couple recipes, learning about famous places and monuments, researching important historical people and events, and doing some crafts. I'm working on writing a series of blog posts, one for each country, as we work through them this year. Each post has craft ideas, recipes, and lots of links to videos and other resources for learning about that country. Use the links below to access the posts I have finished so far.  Country Unit Studies: France   Germany United Kingdom Norway Greece Russia India Thailand Follow me on: Facebook Instagram Pinterest
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Learning About Thailand: Activities and Resources

Thailand ended up being a really fun country to study. There are so many amazing Thai recipes to try and lots of neat buildings and monuments to learn about. My family's favorite part of this unit study was learning about Asian elephants, they are such interesting and intelligent animals!  Basic Information  Thailand is a country in southern Asia. It is boarderd by Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and the Andaman Sea. The northern region is mountainous while the southern region is hilly and forested. Capital- Bangkok Population- 69.6 million Size- 198,115 square miles Currency- Baht   Type of Government- Constitutional Monarchy National Anthem-  Phleng Chat Thai National Animal- elephant Flag Famous Places The Grand Palace- The Grand Palace in Bangkok was used as the official royal residence of Thailand from 1782 to 1925. It is still used today for ceremonies and state functions. The palace sits on the banks of the Chao Phraya River. It consists of many buildings and pavilions set around a

50 Non Candy Easter Basket Ideas

I don't know about your kids, but mine tend to get plenty of candy and sweets from their grandparents at holidays. Since I don't want them eating massive amounts of sugar I typically try to keep the amount of sweets in our Easter baskets and Christmas stockings to a minimum. I also try to steer away from junk that's just going to end up in the garbage after a few days or weeks. I thought others might be looking for some non candy ideas for their family's Easter baskets too, so in this post I share some of my favorites. 50 Non Candy Easter Basket Ideas: Coloring books Reading books New crayons or markers  Seeds and gardening supplies Hair accessories  Beads and string for jewelry making Watercolors  Sidewalk chalk  Jump rope Bubbles Hot wheels  Playdough  Kinetic sand Toothbrush  Sand toys Bath toys Fruit- like mandarin oranges or mangos. I had a friend growing up who always got a mango in her basket. Sun hat Craft or science kits Nail polish and nail stickers Small stuf

Spring Learning Activities

Spring is full of learning opportunities. There's so many amazing things going on in the natural world to observe and learn about. You can watch seeds grow and learn all about plants and flowers. You can bird watch with your kids and learn to identify birds that frequent your area. If you get lucky, you might even spot a nest to observe from a respectful distance. There's caterpillars to see and flowers to watch bloom. Spring is such a fascinating time of year, especially for little learners.  Here are some of my favorite spring learning activities that we've done in the past: How a Caterpillar Becomes a Butterfly Information about raising caterpillars, instructions for a butterfly metamorphosis craft, and links to videos and other resources about the butterfly lifecycle. Plant Science: Activities and Resources Activity ideas for teaching your kids or students about plants, plus links to videos and other resources about plants for kids. Dandelion Investigation Activities an

3 Simple Heart Crafts for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays for crafting! I love the colors and all the hearts. Here are a few simple Valentine's crafts my kids and I tried this year: Upcycled Heart Stamp Art For this craft you will need: -several toilet paper rolls -several paper or plastic plates -white paper  -washable paints Start by covering your work space, this activity can be a little messy. Then choose a few paint colors to use. We used red, pink, and purple since they seemed like good Valentine's Day colors. Pour some paint onto the plates, one color per plate. Fold the toilet paper rolls so that they are shaped like hearts. Have your kids dip the ends of the toilet paper rolls in paint and use the them to stamp hearts onto the white paper.  Fingerprint Heart Tree For this craft you will need: -white paper -a brown marker -watercolors or tempra paints Start by helping your kids draw a tree trunk with some branches growing off it, then color it in with the brown marker. Have yo

Heart Dreamcatcher Craft

My oldest daughter has been learning how to make dreamcatchers, so naturally my younger girls asked to make some too. They're too little to learn how to weave a dreamcatcher the traditional way, so I put together this cute little Valentine's Day themed paper and yarn dreamcatcher craft for them to do instead. For this activity you will need: -a file folder -scissors -string or yarn -a hole punch -watercolors or tempra paint -a paint brush -beads -craft feathers Start by cutting a large heart from the file folder, then cut a smaller heart from the center of your heart, so that you have a heart shaped frame. Paint the heart frame with bright Valentine's colors and then set it aside to dry. After your heart has dried, punch holes around the inside edge of your heart. Tie a piece of yard or string through one of the holes and then thread it through the other holes, making a web with the string. Tie a knot holding the web in place when you get to the final hole. On the outside b

Learning About India- Activities and Resources

The most recent country we studied as part of our world geography unit was India. We had so much fun learning about the amazing wildlife there, making rangoli style sand art, making Indian doughnuts, and much more. Keep reading for lots of fun activity ideas and resources for learning about India with your kids or students. Basic Information: India is a country in southern Asia. It is boarderd by China, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, and Pakistan to the north, and the Indian Ocean to the south.  India is a geographically diverse country. The far northern region is mountainous. There are deserts in the western region, forested areas in the north and along the coast, and rolling hills and plains in the south. Climate varies depending on region, from tropical in the south and temperate in the north. Capital- New Delhi Population- 1.37 billion Size- 1269345.6 square miles  Currency- rupee  Type of Government- federal republic National Anthem-  Jana Gana Mana National Animal- Bengal Tiger Natio